Wednesday, 29 May 2013


its 6.30 am and im all set to go to the office.. early?yup ...whyyyyy? its all because of Alcatel one touch glory which we have received yesterday..all 200 of it.. and knowing the respond we received ,macam tiket konsert penyanyi korea, the last shipment last time finish within 2 hours after receiving.

so what is so great about this alcatel...??? because  IT'S ONLY RM50!!!!!! yup RM50 only, cheaper than shoes cheaper than heels cheaper than handbags , and its a phone!!.. oh , lupak, that RM50 is provided you register for SKMM.. remaja purba like me not qualified..some like those ibuk ibuk want the phone for the kids, and some who already have a smart phone in their hand want it to be their second phone..

so ..i better get going... its going to be mad later at the office..hopefully we can do it smoothly...
goodluck digizen!!

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